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Arches National Park – Fiery Furnace Access Regulations

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After reading through the new Arches NP Climbing & Canyoneering Management Plan and looking at the existing regulations, the list below represents our understanding of the current regulations in regards to the Fiery Furnace. Some regulations only pertain to canyoneering, which was within the scope of the plan. Other regulations, particular those regarding hiking were not part of the scoping process and remain from the past. We feel this is an ongoing process with the park and will be subject to review and possible adjustments. The Coalition of American Canyoneers remains committed to following up and working with Arches NP as issues come under consideration.

• The daily limit in the Fiery Furnace is 75 people
• This does NOT included the ranger guided tours
• Limit for canyoneering is 6 people per permit
• Limit for hiking permit is 25 people per permit
• Total daily quota for canyoneering and hiking permits is 50 per day
• 25 permits are reserved daily for commercial use authorization holders (CUA’s).
• Commercial use authorization holders are both local businesses in Moab and out of area tour groups who have applied for a CUA and acquired a Fiery Furnace permit
• Commercial use authorization holders are for profit businesses
• CUA holders are commercial operations who are authorized via a federal permit to provide a visitor service like guided day hiking in the Fiery Furnace
• Commercial use authorization holders are restricted to the ranger guided tour route
• Commercial use authorization holders make up 17% of the annual Fiery Furnace use, ranger tours excluded
• The stated reason for these imbalances are that that the Arches Management Plan did not have the scope to address hikers and CUA’s access numbers
• The park plans to create what is called a “Site Strategy” for the Fiery Furnace to balance those usages.

Potential service projects:
A volunteer based resource stewardship program could be developed in partnership with the canyoneering community to enhance monitoring capacity and resource protection. Our chance to actively take care of the canyons we visit.

Establish communication in both directions on all information that impacts Arches NP canyoneering.

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