American Canyoneers Board Meeting • October 25, 2012

red line
In attendance: Wolf, Sonny, Ram, Jenny, Troy, Rich

Access update by Rich
Grand Canyon
Deer Creek migrated back to public comment as part of the back country management plan.
The park service doesn’t seem to do these plans on a timely manner.
Mike McGinnis (chief ranger) stated we didn’t have the legal right to close deer creek.
The park is looking for a way to save face with the tribes?
No complaint of canyoneers from the tribe – primarily complaints about boaters being disrespectful and loud.
Rich stated in the meeting that the AC is okay to allow the canyon to remain closed for public comment process for 12 months.
Discussed possible options of sending a letter to the superintendent.
Rich agreed to write the letter to the superintendent and send to the board for comment and/or review.

Death Valley
Comment period was a success and it appears the park has heard the canyoneers.
Rick Kent may be a good person to represent the canyoneer’s interest.

Expressed a need to assist with access in Arches.
Rich will contact a few people to see if they are willing to assist with access issues in specific areas within the next three weeks.
Ram suggested Matt Moore as a point person to build relationships in Arches.
Rich will contact Matt Moore in the next couple of weeks.

Red Rocks in Las Vegas
Climbers are beginning to descending the slots. Canyoneers have complained about the bolts within the slot canyons.

Conservation update

Ram will be creating a list of land managers and ideas for service projects.
Example: bolt removal in Death Valley for a few unnecessary bolts.

Education update by Sonny

Idea: Post land management rules on the site
Sonny will put a proposal
Idea proposed by Jenny to list guide services.

Safety update

Committee is working on rescue stories to list on the site.

Newsletter update

Once per month basis.
Emergency call to action.
Wolf will submit a monthly newsletter after submitting the letter for comment to the board.

Logo update

Logo deadline: October 31st. Rick and Mike will complete the logo.

Other Business

Wolf proposed to donate money to search and rescue teams from the proceeds of the t-shirts.
Sonny and Jenny motioned that other matters are more important at this time although agreed that it would be a great idea.

Sonny will look into options with local outfitter to potentially partner and do an educational canyon training of sorts with advertise in Southern California.

Troy will work on business cards and stickers.

Jenny will contact Mike and ask him to work on the info flyer.

Sonny will work on the Google voice number.