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November was a busy month for American Canyoneers with work being updated in the areas of Access, Conservation, Safety, and Promotion.

Twenty-nine new members and American Canyoneers is now on Facebook.

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Rich has been busy dividing up the country into manageable portions to address issues related to access. The following regions have been designated to these volunteers:
•Arches: Matt Moore   •Zion: Kip Marshall   •Grand Canyon: Rich Rudow

As the sub-division continues we will be looking for volunteers familiar with individual areas. The following information will be displayed in a easily accessible format:
1. Area boundaries
2. Rescue information
3. Permit requirements
4. Local restrictions and local rules
5. Pending access issues

Rich would like to thank the individuals who contributed information about Red Rocks in Nevada.

Ram has recently added information on the Conservation page.
We are looking for photos of graffiti that we will make known to land managers. In the future, teams will go out to eliminate graffiti with land manager guidance. On the Conservation page, techniques will be presented with options for anchors that are environmentally friendly. This gives members options in their toolbox when presented with canyoneering challenges.

Sonny has been working with various guide services to promote American Canyoneers and Canyoneering.
The following is a list of events scheduled:
ATS on December 15 & 16
The Sierra Club’s Community Organization Night as part of their Wilderness Basics Class • February 19, 2013. Please join us.

Troy has been working with Steve Kugath on safety.
The results of accident/near miss incidents are available on Steve’s Blog Post
We hope to continue with Steve’s efforts in gathering this very valuable information. If we can prevent one accident, the safety committee has accomplished its job.

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New Members – November
Jenny has been active in keeping the membership ranks in order. 29 New members!

Rob Bay
Joseph Braun
Alfonso Carrero
Scott Chandler
Slawa Ciula
Jeff Cooper
Bruce Dissel
Dallin Durfee
William Fallon
Evan Fimbres
Friends Adventure Team, Nepal
Martin Glaubitz
Todd Hein
Itaru Hiromi
Richard Ianniello
David Jamison
Stephen Kazakos
Luanne Ludovici
Blake Merrell
Steven Morga
Dominik Nadolski
Joan Pan
Claudia Schley
Alison Schofield
Suzanne Tanaka
Venturing Crew 9489
Maria Wijnker
Steve Woodford
Jill Yarger

Thank you for your support.
In December we will continue working on website development. However, the holidays will likely slow progress.
For all, Happy Holidays!

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