solo canyon

SOlo – a marvelous new find under Great Thumb

If the slot we call SOlo is any indication, Grand Canyon might contain a thousand slots. Certainly more than a person could explore in a lifetime. I had a hunch about the Sinyella Fault on the east side as it emptied into Olo Canyon. There is a really fast route to Olo off Great Thumb between Gatagama and Hamidreek Points allowing a technical descent of the Olo Redwall two hours from the rim. This is in stark contrast to the 3 days it takes to reach Olo from the technical North Rim routes. SOlo was named from the fact that it’s part of the Sinyella Fault system, but the Sinyella Fault usually doesn’t produce interesting slots. SOlo is good because it’s really formed by the drainage coming off Gatagama Terrace, and flowing water makes for extraordinarily beautiful slots.

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