photo: Steve Ramras

Welcome to the start of 2013.
The Board of Directors has been busy so far this year dealing with Access.

We divided the country into 21 canyoneering areas and have filled several of the liaison positions. Rich Rudow has posted a Grand Canyon page, which will serve as the template for the other areas. The only addition to the template will address rescue information and the location of medical facilities in the surrounding areas.

We still have a few key positions remaining that need to be filled. If you are knowledgable about, or have a particular interest in, any of these locations/regions and have a desire to be a part of the growth and success of the American Canyoneers community, we would love to have you be part of the team! My goal is to fill all the liaison positions by the end of the month. Please contact Wolfgang Schuster to volunteer. Additionally, please let us know if you would like to represent an area that is not on the list.

Arches • Matt Moore
Arizona (other) • Clint Poole
Death Valley • Klaus Gerhart
Escalante • Rick Green
Glen Canyon • Jonathan Zambella
Grand Canyon • Rich Rudow
Hawaiian Islands • Darren Jeffrey
Navajo Nation • Jenny West
North Wash/Ticaboo/Bullfrog • Steve Ramras
Sierra Nevada Mountains • Jef Levin
Southern California • Darren Jeffrey
Zion • Mike Schasch

These areas need a liaison
grey line
Capitol Reef
Cedar Mesa/San Juan/Ruins
Red Rocks, Nevada
Robbers Roost
San Gabriel Mountains
San Rafael Swell

I hope to have the Access pages available by the end of February. Once achieved, all of this information will be available for the canyoneering season this spring. Wish us luck.

red line
Welcome to the following new members. We now have 240 members. We appreciate your support:

Arizona Tech Canyoneer
Robert Allan
Stephanie Allan
E. Arthur Bridge
Gary Brown
Mark Brown
Stephen Bull
John Butler
Laura Bylund
Sandra Callen
Crystal Canales
Chuck Chapman
Stephanie Cataloni
Kenneth Chui
Dan Church
Luca Dallari
Summer Davies
Rick Davenport
Jace Getskow
Kevin Gilbert
Christian Green
Matthew Hickenlooper
Jennifer Hopper
RB Hopkins
Steve Howe
Andrew Humphreys
Lisa Jennings
Greta Jensen
Justin Jensen
Darren Jeffrey
Rexana Khan
Julie Marple
Stephanie Martin
Todd Martin
Dina Mathias
Travis McDaniel
Elke Osswald
Gregory Owens
Pat Pedrotti
Adalberto Pineda
Dave Red
Alain Rohr
Gavin Santillan
David Schasch
Linda Schasch
Gary Schexnayder
Lori Shindel
Jason Vizz
Jess Giles Wallace
Michael Wenzel
W.Reid White
Nick Woolley