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Call to Action for All
American Canyoneer Members:

Arches National Park:
There are important changes to canyoneering management in Arches National Park that could affect your access.

The National Park Service (NPS) is accepting comments to their Climbing and Canyoneering Management Plan for Arches through July 9, 2013. American Canyoneers has carefully examined the NPS documents, reviewed the impacts of the plan and has formulated the following draft response: American Canyoneers Position Statement. We ask that you consider the position outlined and provide comments to American Canyoneers for incorporation into the final position statement by Sunday, June 30th. American Canyoneers will provide comments to the NPS on behalf of our members. It is also extremely important that American Canyoneers’ members, and the broader canyoneering community, comment individually.

Numbers matter!
Please support the American Canyoneers’ position and/or voice your own comments with the NPS here: NPS Document: Arches Climbing and Canyoneering Management Plan

It’s election time at American Canyoneers. It’s time for you to decide leadership positions for the Board of Directors. American Canyoneers is an organization for the members by the members. It is volunteer based. We are always in need of individuals that are interested in getting involved for the betterment of American canyons.

If you are interested in running for a Board of Directors’ position, please send a short bio and photo to:
If you have questions, send them to me: Wolf Schuster.
New members for the Board of Directors will be decided the first week of July.

American Canyoneers Service Projects:
Rich Rudow has set up two service projects in the Grand Canyon this summer.

1) The first is scheduled for June 22nd to remove two illegal and unneeded bolts at the top of Garden Creek at the request of NPS. We have a team put together for this endeavor.

2) The second date is set to recover 11 tires that an individual decided to launch off the famous Toroweap overlook in Western Grand Canyon. This project will take place the weekend of August 31st and September 1st.
If you are interested in volunteering send an email to Rich Rudow.

SAR Fundraiser:
We have received a few requests for equipment for the first annual fundraiser for SAR teams. After we get a little more input, American Canyoneers will start collecting money using an additional PayPal designation button on our web site. If you have any connections to any SAR teams that need donations, forward an email to me. Some of you may have been in a rescue situation and some may need rescue in the future. This is the least we can do to help some SAR teams faced by tight budget constraints.

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A story from Ram – A reason to join the American Canyoneers
“Recently some backpackers stumbled upon a camera in a remote area of Utah. The camera had no identification. The finder looked at the pictures when he got home. They were of a variety of canyoneers, doing lovely technical canyons, but nothing in the pictures gave the fellow any hint on how to find out who’s camera it was….except there was this one picture of a fellow with a sticker on his helmet.”

“This is not the picture found but is similar:” American Canyoneers Sticker Photo

“So this very generous fellow searched for and found the American Canyoneers on-line, then spoke with Wolf who knew I had a helmet that fit the description and was out in that time frame. After getting contact information, I spoke with the fellow who found the camera, confirmed it was likely my helmet in the picture, got the dates and approximate place that the pictures were taken and contacted my partners from that day.
None had lost a camera… except one fellow, Steve Brezovic who said he had not seen his camera since returning and would look that evening. Steve could not find his camera, sent a description of it and voila! It was his camera. He reports that the camera is now headed his way and that the fellow would not even take money for shipping.”

“Without the American Canyoneers, this camera would have been lost forever! So join the organization! Contribute to the group as it works on its goals of access, conservation, education and safety. AND those of you who have one, proudly put that sticker on your gear!”
Join American Canyoneers
(Note: American Canyoneers will be printing a new batch of stickers soon!)

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(With a special thank you to Klaus Gerhart of Uber Adventures for his efforts in bringing us 45 new members.)

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