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 Newsletter 1  03 March   (click here)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”we”]

Several people involved with canyoneering have express a desire for a weekly letter describing progress which is going on but not publicized. Since we are working with legal issues, sometimes progress can be slow, in the beginning these letters might be more bi-weekly. As always, comments are appreciated. I will also post this on bogley and yahoo at least initial until people become aware of the newsletter.
Currently Rich is working with a lawyer in Az. The legal papers will be going to members of the board next week for review and editing. Az requires notice in the local paper which will be done shortly. With good progress we should be incorporated in the next few weeks. I anticipate that more members inside and outside the board will need to be involved. Legal paperwork requires that new positions be added: treasurer, secretary just to name a few. After editing is complete, we will have a board meeting to approve docs. They will be published shortly after.
We currently have approximately $1400 in funds. No money will be paid out until we have a treasurer. So far we have $120 in web start up cost. Legal estimated costs will be approximately $1200-$1500. 501c3 costs will be $500-$900 min. On a side note, we had a sizable contribution from Tom Jones, ($500), thanks for your support Tom.
On the access front there is also some progress. Simplicity I think is the key here. We are trying to build a map using google API which can be zoomed in and out to highlight specific areas. These areas can be double clicked, to access info for that specific area. The area could be color coded red, yellow, green to show the big picture. Links can be posted for instance Zion NP. The park would be highlighted yellow. After double clicking on Zion, there would be a link to Zion NPS for access to the permit system. Specific info could be added, ref info Shane posted on Arches NP which are more restrictive. Various route info available on line could also be added. This way, access to info for any area is available in one location. Again this is just in the developmental stages.
On the access restrictions front, Goblin Valley has been highlighted lately. Restrictions on using ropes are the issue. Will keep you updated as info becomes available.

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 Newsletter 2  16 March    (click here)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”2″]


There’s been a fair amount of progress made over the last few weeks since our last newsletter. Today we posted the incorporation documents on the American Canyoneers web site. They have been approved by the interim board of directors and are open for comment. Following the legal requirements, which I think will still take several weeks, work will start on 501c3 status.
Work has been progressing on the google access map. If there are any people out their familiar with the google maps API, help would be appreciated.
Membership should be started shortly. A post detailing the process will be posted within the next few weeks. As a goal, we would like to start membership, 01 April, so that the nomination process for the permanent board of directors can begin 01 May, with a vote 01 June. We need to get an EIN number and accounting in order before proceeding with membership. All of this is contingent on no last minute snags. Thanks for all your support and patients.

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 Newsletter 3  04 April   (click here)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”3″]


The last few weeks have been farely productive for americancanyoneers. As of 21 march 2012, we are incorporated in the state of Az. The next step is 501c3 paperwork which will start the middle of April. The access map is in the works and should be up for beta evaluation starting in a week or so. Membership is ready to go, we have a paypal account of americancanyoneers@yahoo.com. Membership is $25 per year/member, $15 for students, $40 for families. Being a member gives you voting privileges for the permanent BOD which will take place approx. 01 June. All proceeds will go towards incorporating and 501c3 costs.
We are strongly supportive of Dr. Kugath efforts in canyoneering accident investigations. We would encourage everyones participation to make canyoneering safer for all involved.

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 Newsletter 4  14 May   (click here)[/toggler]

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We had a very productive board meeting about two weeks ago. *Here are the highlights in no particular order:
We are going to have a vote for the board of directors on the last week of June, (24-30) with voting closing on midnight the 30th. *We have lowered membership to $5.00 per year until the new board can be put in place to increase the numbers of voters. *Those people that have donated previously will not need to pay $5.00 again to vote. *Anyone that paid $25 will be considered a member for the next two years. You will need to be a member of American Canyoneers by 23 June to vote. *For those interested in running, submit your BIO on the American Canyoneers web site starting 1 June with your ideas for the direction of American Canyoneers from here on out.
Right now we have $2200 in donations and collections through membership fees. *We are incorporated in Az. *We have a vision and a mission statement. *501c3 papers have not been filed, although the process could be completed (filing) within a few weeks. *There will be a long list of issues the new board will be faced with, to say the least. *It is very important for the members of the canyoneering community to express their desires and vote not only for the board of directors, but, also the direction of American Canyoneers. *Other then 501c3 paperwork being filed, we feel the IBOD has performed its duty and it’s time for the elected board of directors to take over.

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 Newsletter 5  04 June   (click here)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”5″]


The main goal is for elections to be completed and get the new board of directors in place. We have also been working on 501c3 status, mostly getting paperwork together to present to the IRS. A list of people and donations is on American Canyoneers web site. If there are any corrections please email me at wolf0421@yahoo.com. I am having a problem with Paypal, so if you would like to become a member using paypal use: wolf0421@yahoo.com and make it out to Wolfgang Schuster, I will forward funds to AC. The nomination process is open, anyone interested in running please post on the AC website, voting begins 24jun. We will be electing 7 board members.


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 Newsletter 6  26 August   (click here)[/toggler][toggler role=”target” connector=”6″]


First off here are the new members for July and August:
Shaun Vernon
Jason Robertson
John Metzger
Luca Chiarabini
Michael Henkin
Brian Farr
Mike Cabourn
John Shipley
James Akers
Todd’s Hiking Guide
Richard Retz
James May
Alane Urban
Chad Alber
Rick Fetters
Brandt Ball
Ronald Hudson
Jason Willis
Ira Lewis
Jim Bodoh
Matthew Lowe
Deanpaul Russell
Kathy Sharp
Mike Putiak
Patricia Diaz
Sharon Schierling
Troy Ayres
Jacen Wray
The board has been working on the organizational structure of American Canyoneers. ACES has been sub divided, Access-Rich, Conservation-Ram, Education-Sonny, Safety-Troy and Malia, Membership and communication-Jenny and Mike. Here are a few highlights:
Access is being divided into regions with people that have expertise, representing local areas. It’s a large project and local knowledge is king. If you are interested in representing areas while we are in the development phase, it would be much appreciated, email address is: americancanyoneers@yahoo.com. We have a conference call scheduled this week with Outdoor Alliance, will keep you posted.
Jenny has been working hard to make the web site more user friendly. Technical and creative expertise will be coming from Nick Wilkes and Brian Farr. Look for changes shortly. There is an updated membership list on the AC web site. If there are any errors, please email so we can make corrections ASAP.
Troy is working on a logo with a local graphic designer. Merchandise is in the works.
Building a strong organizational structure will be key to the success of American Cayoneers. This will be the focus for the coming weeks. As canyoneering becomes more popular a group voice will become even more evident. Just look at what is going on in Deer Creek and the Grand Canyon as an example. How about Death Valley and Arches? We need a “voice” to represent canyoneers, to protect the canyons for the present and the future. Join us and be heard…
Web site: americancanyoneers.org Email: americancanyoneers@yahoo.com comments appreciated.