Aaron and Cassidy

Aaron & Cassidy

We had a very productive board meeting about two weeks ago. Other then 501c(3) paperwork being filed, we feel the IBOD has performed its duty and it’s time for the elected board of directors to take over. The new board will face a long list of issues. Here are the highlights in no particular order:

• Read the May News

• We are going to have a vote for the board of directors on the last week of June, (24-30) with voting closing on midnight the 30th.
• We have lowered membership to $5.00 per year until the new board can be put in place to increase the numbers of voters. People who have donated previously will not need to pay $5.00 again to vote. Anyone that paid $25 will be considered a member for the next two years.
• You will need to be a member of American Canyoneers by 23 June to vote.
• Those interested in running should submit your BIOS on the American Canyoneers web site starting 1 June with your ideas for the direction of American Canyoneers from here on out.
• It is very important for the members of the canyoneering community to express their desires and vote not only for the board of directors, but also the direction of American Canyoneers.
• Right now we have $2200 in donations and collections through membership fees.
• We are incorporated in Arizona.
• We have a vision and a mission statement
• 501c(3) papers have not been filed, although the process could be completed within a few weeks.