RIC 2015
Joint Ouray Canyon Festival & Rassemblement Internationale de Canyon
Ouray, CO – August 9-15, 2015

The Coalition of American Canyoneers is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming RIC 2015. This joint event is based on the annual canyon festival in Ouray, CO. However, this particular event goes far beyond the usual festival as this year we celebrate an international canyon rendezvous.


RIC stands for three French words: Rassemblement Internationale de Canyon. The French canyoneers have been co-sponsoring canyon rendezvous around the planet annually for many years. The French canyoneers connect with local canyoneers in a particular location — wishes are made, people get excited, plans develop and voila, a RIC is born. Typically about 200 individuals attend these events. In recent history RIC’s were held in Nepal, Greece, France, Madeira, Mallorca, Brazil and the USA. Yes, we had one in March, 2008. Canyoneers from Nepal, Spain, and France joined us to explore the Escalante area as well as Zion National Park.

Two years ago the French collaborated with canyoneers from around the world to form a new association: International Association of Amateur Canyoning. The association is dedicated to recreational (amateur) canyoning access and networking. The IAAC has now taken over the roll of co-sponsoring RIC’s. The Coalition of American Canyoneers is a founding member of the IAAC. Hence the CAC is sponsoring RIC Ouray in two ways, directly and through the IAAC.

RIC 2015

RIC Ouray has a busy schedule planned. The event is being held August 9-15, 2015. There are daily workshops on a variety of canyon related topics taught by Charly Oliver, Ram, Rich Rudow, and Tom Jones just to name a few. Living legends from Europe will be present such as Luca Nizzola from Switzerland and Joan Lius Sistero from Spain. Different films will be presented in the evening such as Gorging, Last of the Great Unknown, and Extreme Canyoning. Most canyons will be staffed with canyon ambassadors to descend along with foreign and U.S. canyoneers. These ambassadors are experienced canyoneers who have previously descended the canyon. To top things off, there will be a raffle for a variety of canyon gear. The proceeds will support the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team.

Please come join the fun. This is a unique experience that will rarely occur in the USA.

Registration is open for RIC 2015 at: http://www.ric2015.com
Registration will be limited to 300 participants.