Final Details!

  • When: Saturday, April 5, 9am
  • Where: Granary Springs in the Roost area (38.341547, -110.292519). From highway U-24, take the Maze/Roost road that starts ¼ mile south of the Goblin Valley turnoff and heads south and east. Follow the road 23.8 miles to a junction, and turn right towards Hans Flat range station. After another 7.1 miles there is a fork. Veer left and travel another 2.7 miles to a turnoff to the left – this side road leads a few tenths of a mile to Granary Springs.
  • Work: Under direction of the BLM, we’ll perform some general trailhead cleanup and trail identification/maintenance. This is anticipated to take 4-5 hours, and will be followed by a discussion – the BLM is interested in comments/feedback regarding canyoneering in this area.
  • Equipment: Bring food and water to meet personal needs. Work gloves and sturdy footwear. All other materials will be provided.
  • Other: At least one CAC board member will be at Granary Springs by 9am Friday morning with plans to base out of that location for the weekend. Folks are welcome to join or camp/stay at their favorite spot. We’re planning to get into canyons Friday/Sunday, for anyone interested in joining.


On Saturday, April 5th the Coalition of American Canyoneers will be supporting the Henry Mountains Field Station BLM office on a service project in the Bluejohn Canyon and Granary Springs area of Robbers Roost.

Due to high canyoneering traffic, the Roost has required a number of Wayne County SAR rescues in the past several years. It’s a good opportunity for responsible canyoneers to thank and assist the local land managers.

We’ll start Saturday morning with a general trailhead clean-up and some cairn and trail ID work. The BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner has also asked for a bit of time to get input on a forthcoming Special Recreation Management Plan for the area. This is important because these plans generally impact canyoneering access!

Interested volunteers will also be getting together informally for canyon trips on Friday and/or Sunday.

If you’d like to get involved and represent the canyoneering community in this service project, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with the details.

See you there!