Uber Adventures Grand Opening

It was a grand opening indeed! It was estimated that 70 people attended the event. They represented the gamut of the canyoneering community; from those expressing new interest in the sport, to the local leaders including the pioneer of southern California canyoneering, Chris Brennen. There were even four very young girls who have been on rope and who enthusiastically helped with the raffle.

Everyone enjoyed the wine and hors d’oeuvres provided by Klaus Gerhart, the music, the display of canyoneering specific gear, the 5 minute featured GoPro video of a descent of Eaton Canyon, and an incredible sense of community and camaraderie.

The Coalition of American Canyoneers raised money in two ways in preparation for the purchase of a graffiti removal pressure washer: 1) Klaus offered a 10% discount on Uber Adventures canyoneering courses for a $20 donation to the Coalition of American Canyoneers; and 2) we raffled off technical gear, logo wear, and books provided by Klaus, Tom Jones’ Imlay Canyon Gear and the CAC.

The audience was buzzing with discussion about past canyon adventures and enthusiasm for upcoming trips. The Coalition of American Canyoneers’s mission, including the Eaton Canyon cleanups and the new permit system were discussed. The festivities kicked-off at 7:00 pm and wrapped up around 10:30 pm. An overall great and successful evening for the canyoneering community!

Congratulations to Klaus Gerhart and Uber Adventures.