North Wash Conservation Project Report • March 19, 2016

On Saturday March 19th, the Coalition of American Canyoneers and the BLM joined forces on a clean up of the Sandthrax campground in the No. Wash area of Utah.  Twenty-five (25) CAC members and volunteers helped in the effort.  Fire rings were placed in non-flood plane areas, a registry box added and a new kiosk sign was installed.  After a morning of work, we had a round table talk with the BLM representative, Myron Jeffs.  Myron was looking for feedback from canyoneers on how they use the lands around this area and what they see as future impacts.  What was clear was that our canyoneering community enjoyed the freedom and the absence strict regulation in the area.  At the same time, the popularity of the area is a concern to watch.  The community was congratulated on the self-regulation that goes on today.  We’d like this to continue so our own diligence in keeping the canyons and campgrounds clean and as little human impact signs as possible will be key in doing so.

We would like to send a big thank you to Myron Jeffs for the fire rings, kiosk sign and general input and guidance for the project.  As well as thank the many volunteers who joined us in our efforts.  After the clean up, many of us were able to enjoy the canyons that draw us to this area.

fire ring team work

Fire ring

new fire ring

Littlest helpers


kiosk work


BLM Group