We invite all AC members to send in your best photos to help make the website beautiful. As we prepare for Phase II of website development, we are generating a stockpile (pun intended!) of great canyoneering images for general use. If you have some good pics in your arsenal – and we know many of you do – we need your help!

Photos: Jenny West

We will credit all contributed images, and will list any serious/professional photographers on our (yet to be created) Media Contributors section.

Tips for good quality: Do not do much cropping/editing, so we have wider latitude to use the “extra” space to fit it awkward places or apply text on top. Photos can be fairly un-processed, as we are happy make adjustments to make your images shine. Especially important, avoid over-sharpened and high-contrast images, which can really turn a good photograph bad.

Photo: Jenny West

Please send your gorgeous images to Jenny West. I have a Dropbox Account if your files are too big for e-mail.