The Coalition of American Canyoneers will promote and preserve access to public and private lands by building on a foundation of ACES: Access through Conservation, Education and Safety.


Protecting and promoting open access for canyoneering enthusiasts through outreach, negotiation, and endorsement of best practices in the sport. Respecting our natural resources ensures the opportunity for future generations to embrace this endeavor. Educational information will be made accessible that focuses on educating the public and land managers alike, on what the sport is, canyoneering requirements, and safe practices.


Preserving ACCESS to canyons is the core purpose of the Coalition of American Canyoneers.

CONSERVATION sustains our public and private wildland resources so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

EDUCATION is essential if we are to sustain our canyon resources.

Promoting SAFETY helps prevent tragedies and allows land managers to spend their finite resources on conservation and education.


This RESOURCE LIST is provided as a service to folks interested in canyoneering topics related to the CAC mission. Outdoor Access Groups, Canyon Route Descriptions and Information, Online Canyoneering Communities, Guide Services and Technical Training, International Canyoning Organizations.