Photo: Dan Ransom

Conservation is at the heart of the American Canyoneers’ mission to preserve and promote access to America’s canyons. The canyons are living systems; they are the metaphoric circulatory system of the planet.

American Canyoneers hopes to highlight any threat to our canyons and through the power of our membership take action to facilitate the repair of any damage and provide a measure of protection. As visitation to the canyons increases, so does the evidence of human passage. Sadly, incidents are reported of graffiti, deepening rope grooves, illegal bolt placements, illegal access (poaching), off-road vehicle damage, and careless trails through fragile soil and plant zones.

In combination with our Education goals, American Canyoneers hopes to become an action-oriented caretaker of the canyons and set an example of Conservation practices to preserve these environments for future generations.


We call on our members to help identify conservation issues as they see them so that we can implement solutions.

We are looking to compile a database with photos of graffiti, deepening rope grooves, bolting in areas where it is illegal, and other damages. Please send photos to Steve Ramras with your name, photo date, and the location of the impact.

We will contact the appropriate area land managers and report the damage. American Canyoneers will volunteer to repair the impact with land management’s support and direction.

canyon graffitti