Portable Pressure Washer for Graffiti Removal

The Coalition of American Canyoneers is pleased to announce the creation of a portable pressure washer for graffiti removal. The vertical legs are easily detached while the washer is being wheeled along the streambed. If need be, the pump/engine can be removed from the litter and set on the ground. It runs off of gasoline. Water from the stream is sucked up, pressurized, and delivered through a special nozzle that rotates, blasting the graffiti off the rock. It has the ability to mix sand in with the water for the more difficult jobs.

A big thank you goes out to the many people who have been involved in creating the graffiti remover. Special thanks goes to Klaus Gerhart and the grand opening of Uber Adventures. Many individuals donated money for this project at that event. Applause goes to Bill Loenhorst and Hydro Tek of Redlands for great support in obtaining the pump and engine. Russ Anderson is next in line for a pat on the back. He rummaged around his garage and donated materials and the ATV wheel for the litter. And last, Paul Stovall engineered and assembled the litter.

Please come experience and assist with the first cleanup project. It will be at Monkey Face Falls on Saturday, August 1. Meet at the trailhead 0900. ropewiki.com/Monkeyface_Creek

This is a complex cleanup. We will insert a small team at the top of the lower falls. Anchors will be created in order to haul the pressure washer up the cliff. We will remove graffiti at that level. If possible, we will ascend to the bottom of the second to last falls and remove graffiti there. Please respond to Sonny Lawrence (canyonear AT gmail DOT com) with your intent to attend.