Portable Pressure Washer for Graffiti Removal

The Coalition of American Canyoneers is pleased to announce the creation of a portable pressure washer for graffiti removal. The vertical legs are easily detached while the washer is being wheeled along the streambed. If need be, the pump/engine can be removed from the litter and set on the ground. It runs off of gasoline. Water from the stream is sucked up, pressurized, and delivered through a special nozzle that rotates, blasting the graffiti off the rock. It has the ability to mix sand in with the water for the more difficult jobs.

A big thank you goes out to the many people who have been involved in creating the graffiti remover: Bill Loenhorst and Hydro Tek of Redlands for great support in obtaining the pump and engine. Russ Anderson is next in line for a pat on the back. He rummaged around his garage and donated materials and the ATV wheel for the litter. Paul Stovall engineered and assembled the litter.