The safety committee’s focus is to provide a means for canyoneers to increase awareness of what causes mishaps and rescues in canyons. We hope our efforts will decrease the need for rescue through an increased awareness of risk management and respect for the dangers of a canyon environment.

Safety Committee Members are Steve Kugath, Clint Poole, Malia Mcllvenna, Taylor Morgan and Troy Ayres.


1- Evaluate causes of rescue/incident and determine the top five reasons that lead groups into trouble.

2- Provide the canyoneering community strategies to decrease falling into the top five reasons for rescue/incident.

3- Develop effective methods to inform the canyoneering community regarding the accident survey to further collect data.

4- Provide a list of the accidents/incidents for 2012 along with the committee’s interpretation of the incident to assist canyoneers in future judgment and trip execution. Publish an annual report wherein we can see trends remaining constant or be able to recognize changes in the cause of accidents/incidents.

5 – Develop methods to “dig deeper” into the BIG accidents to discover additional points to consider.

6- Seek partnerships with other organizations to promote dat collection.

7 – Establish additional methods to collect data (other than the online reports) to provide additional flexibility to the canyoneering community.

Steve Kugath’s Accident Database Article