Great Thumb Mesa


On Friday, December 6th, a letter appeared on various internet sites from Grand Canyon Superintendent David Uberuaga to Havasupai Tribal Chairman Don Watahomigie. The letter suggested that 10 permits per year be created to afford access to Great Thumb Mesa and that day hike use north and west of Pasture Wash be eliminated.

Superintendent David Uberuaga’s Letter

The Coalition of American Canyoneers quickly composed a letter to the Superintendent seeking clarification on this “leaked” letter to better inform our members. In particular, the elimination of day hiking in the Pasture Wash area could eliminate the fast access via the Pt. Huitzil route that is commonly used by canyoneers descending Royal Arch Creek to Elves Chasm.

CAC’s letter to Superintendent Uberuaga

We’ll post additional information as soon as we hear a reply (See Superintendent’s Meeting below). There are A LOT of incredible slots at stake here including Royal Arch, 140 Mile, Olo, Panameta, Matkat, Dump Truck, LapKat, Sinyella, and Fossil.

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